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“I was hopeless, but couldn’t bring myself to admit I had a problem, my intervention truly saved my life”
Anonymous, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Life has truly taken on new meaning, today my sobriety is more important to me than any possession I could ever have.” Intervention Client, San Diego, California

“I watched my son spiral down for years and tried everything in my power to help, our intervention was a miracle.”
Mother, Tampa Bay, Florida

“I called NIR because it was my last resort, now because of NIR I have my wife and my happiness.”
Husband of an alcoholic, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I think everyone had tried to make her understand before, but the power and love behind the intervention was what changed our lives.”
Brother of an addict, Plano, Texas

“Thanks to NIR my children never have to seen me drink again; I am a new person.”
Father of two, Flagstaff, Arizona

“My intervention opened my eyes; I never knew there was a way to live without alcohol.”
Adolescent alcoholic, Billings, Montana

“My gratitude for NIR’s help exceeds any feeling I have ever felt in my life.”
Grateful Mother, Silver Springs, Maryland

“The intervention was like a dream and I cried because of the happy ending.”
Sister of an addict, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Every person has a different path in life, but our intervention made life, itself, possible.”
Friend of an alcoholic, Buffalo, New York

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