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National Intervention Referrals provides quality intervention services for families and individuals who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism and other forms of crisis. Our intervention services include adult, executive and teen interventions, as well as transport services and crisis interventions.

Adult interventions can also happen for any number of reasons, and although confronting an adult may be harder and more complicated than confronting a teen, successful interventions happen every day at National Intervention Referrals.

Executive interventions refer to high-end professionals and business people that may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. While they might not be ready to get help themselves, a boss or even a concerned family member may be able to speed up the process.

Teen interventions most often occur when a young adult family member has displayed consistent out of control behavior in regards to any number of issues including drug or alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, anger and self esteem. In these instances, worried family members often turn to intervention specialists in order to help solve their problem.

At National Intervention Referrals we believe that drug and alcohol abuse can be overcome by facing the problem head on, in a caring but firm manner. Once a successful intervention has occurred our staff continue to support family and friends throughout the rehabilitation process. Please contact us today and find out how our services can benefit you.

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