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Here is a step-by-step approach to how the National Intervention Referral process works:

1. Contact National Intervention Referrals and talk with one of our trained staff members.

2. Set up a meeting with an NIR intervention specialist during which you are able to discuss the history of the person who needs the intervention as well as the circumstances in which it will take place.

3. Before the actual intervention occurs, the interventionist will meet with the family members and friends to go over each person’s role in the intervention, as well as helping those involved stay committed to their boundaries and the consequences for the substance abuser, if he/she does not follow through with the intervention.

4. Conduct the intervention. Often times it is best for the intervention to take place somewhere that is familiar to the individual. Because the situation will already be awkward and uncomfortable, our intervention specialists find that the individual’s house, or house of a close family member is often ideal.

5. After the intervention has taken place, the NIR interventionist will continue to spend time with the chemically-dependent (assisting him/her in initial detox if necessary) and provide transportation to an arranged-in-advance treatment center.

6. Once the individual is undergoing treatment, the interventionist will continue to keep contact with him/her. The intervention specialist will remain active in the client’s recovery and act as the go between for the family and the recovering individual.

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