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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a deadly disease that millions of Americans suffer from and without help alcohol addiction ruins dreams, families and lives. For people without problems with alcohol, drinking is an enjoyable social activity that does not conflict with any other areas of their lives. For problem drinkers, or people with alcohol addiction, drinking has become more important than everything else and live without alcohol has become impossible.

Alcohol addiction, commonly referred to as alcoholism has many negative symptoms. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) characterizes alcohol addiction by the use of the following four symptoms:

-Craving: a need or uncontrolled impulse for a drink
-Physical dependence: this symptom sets alcohol addiction apart from alcohol abuse and is characterized by moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms including nausea, vomiting, shakiness, delirium tremens and anxiety
-Tolerance: the need for a greater amount of alcohol to feel the effects or get drunk
-Loss of control: being unable to control the amount one drinks at any time

Alcohol addiction does not take into consideration negative consequences or effects drinking has on others. People who do not suffer from alcohol addiction often are unable to understand why alcoholics cannot just control their drinking and stay away from alcohol. Even when people with alcohol addiction want to stop or stay stopped they find that the compulsion to drink is too strong for them to resist. While alcoholics are often aware their drinking causes problems, they are unable to stay away from the first drink, and lose all control once they have taken that first drink of alcohol.

Some experts believe alcohol addiction runs in a person’s family although people who do not come from alcoholic families can also suffer from this addiction. Alcohol addiction is considered a progressive disease, which over time, always gets more severe. Although some people with alcohol addiction claim they can drink without consequences, most people who desire life without alcohol seek outside help.

12-Step programs, support groups and rehabilitation centers are all viable options for the person with alcohol addiction. With the support and understanding of other people, people with alcohol addiction are able to combat their problems in a constructive manner.

If alcohol addiction might be a problem for you or someone you love, we encourage you to give NIR a call today to learn more about our intervention referral options.

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